IMG_0399Stephanie Miles is the artist behind Studio di Mare and the SM Gallery.

She is an American designer who moved to Italy to follow a lifelong dream to “one day” live there. When her original teaching job offer disappeared (due to an unfortunate economy) shortly before her scheduled overseas move date with her German Shepherd and cat, she was unsure of how she would get by or how long she would stay. She had already made the investment both financially and emotionally.

She told everyone who asked what she was going to do, “I don’t know. I’ll figure it out when I get there.” Her goal was to survive at least one year just to know that she did it and had followed one important dream of hers without giving up.

Where we are located

After almost two years of living in Rome, she decided to leave the chaos of the Eternal City and move near the beach. At first to Sicily and then to the Amalfi Coast. Now located in the small village of Vietri sul Mare next to the city of Salerno, the village is full of creativity exactly as she desired. The production of ceramics as the main industry is a tradition with origins that date back to the Etruscan period.

In Sicily she found her first pieces of seaglass. However, it was in Vietri that she began discovering and collecting more seaglass and sea ceramics that has kickstarted her new line of jewelry. The sea ceramics found on the beaches of Vietri are most likely from around the time of a great flood that occurred in 1954.

Our philosophy and mission

Discovering and pursuing your passion isn’t always easy. Stephanie has faced many doubts, roadblocks, setbacks, and crazy paths to reach the point of realizing her dreams. She is passionate about inspiring and helping others to reach theirs. Her jewelry is a reminder and a message to all who dream to never give up on discovering and following your passions.