Stephanie Miles is the artist and founder behind Studio di Mare and the SM gallery.

She is an American designer who moved to Italy to follow a lifelong dream to “one day” live there. When her original teaching job offer disappeared (due to an unfortunate economy) shortly before her scheduled overseas move date with her German Shepherd and cat, she was unsure of how she would get by or how long she would stay. She had already made the investment both financially and emotionally.

She told everyone who asked what she was going to do, “I don’t know. I’ll figure it out when I get there.” Her goal was to survive at least one year just to know that she did it and had followed one important dream of hers without giving up.

Over the next 5 years she persisted until becoming a professor at the University of Salerno and then opening the SM gallery the following year.

Stephanie creates handmade jewelry using precious and semi-precious metals, sea glass and sea ceramics found on the local beaches, natural stones and gemstones. Strongly influenced by the sea her artworks often features animals and landscapes.