Our exhibition space is small due to location’s size. We feature unique handmade jewelry from a variety of international jewelry artists.

Vietri sul Mare is well known and full of ceramic studios and shops. Because of this, SM gallery features very little ceramic jewelry, but some of the works found here are influenced by the local traditional styles such as the Vietri Naive you can find on the hand-painted ceramics throughout the town.


Despite the global pandemic of Covid-19, we have decided to continue operating even after the restrictive lockdown in the earlier part of the year caused many businesses to fold or reassess their financial expenses. During the lockdown we worked from home as everyone else, but returned to the gallery and our studio space as soon as it was permitted. We are pleased to announce that we are continuing to work and enjoy the space we created two years ago and look forward to staying put until such time that we can move into a bigger space that will allow for a bigger working area, more exhibition space for more jewelry artists, and hosting creative workshops.


Due to other working requirements of the gallery’s owner, we switched our focus to featuring a collection of works by various international jewelry artists. It was simply too much to organize a continuously rotating exhibition and do the necessary publicity while working at the university and maintaining an active studio alongside other obligations. We hope to continue growing our featured jewelry artists in the future.


Sept-Nov A Celebration of Friends – Our inaugural exhibition to celebrate artist friends who have encouraged or assisted me in some way during my first years in Vietri sul Mare.

Dec-Feb Le Piccole Cose – Artworks which are small in size and low in price (100€ and under), perfect for unique gift ideas during the holiday season.