Studio di Mare Seaglass Jewelry

cobalt sea glass pendant

I’ve always lived by a great body of water – an ocean, a gulf, or a sea. For me it is an essential part of my life. The few times I stayed for any length of time inland that wasn’t for regular traveling I became miserable not being able to smell the salt air and put my toes in the sand at will. Going to the beach is my happy place. It recharges me whenever I need an energy boost or to get in balance.

I began collecting seaglass when I first found some during my brief stay in Sicily during the summer of 2014. After this time I ended up moving to the Amalfi Coast where I then starting finding it regularly along with fragments of sea ceramics from the community where its production is world-famous. After amassing quite a collection from the local beaches, it has become the primary “jewel” for my jewelry designs.


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