Celebration of Friends

For the grand opening of the SM gallery I wanted to give a special thanks to some of the creative friends who have supported and encouraged me since arriving to Italy, particularly in Vietri sul Mare where I now call home. It is because of my friends and family, near and far, who have made this new chapter in my life and career possible.

There’s been a lot of work happening in the past 3 weeks or so since signing the rental contract and we are seeing a lot of progress. However, there are still many little things to finish and an opening on September 1st as I originally was aiming for is not possible. So, I’ve decided to change our official opening reception date to coincide with a visit from a special friend from the United States who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since attending art school. Stop by to say hello and see our first exhibition.

The Celebration of Friends show will feature works from some of my local creative friends and myself. Several of my friends here regularly work in ceramics, but as I want to show a different side of what they can do, this show will feature illustrations, paintings, photography, etc. depending on their other talents.

Where and when

Join me at via Scialli, 75 in Vietri sul Mare for our grand opening and reception of the show on September 16, 2018 at 8pm. The exhibition will run through the end of October.

Coming up for the next exhibition

Don’t miss the November and December’s show! le piccole cose (the little things), is planned to be an annual event. Works featured in this show will be small and under a certain price point which are perfect for finding unique and artistic gifts for the holiday season.

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new opening – September 2018

After a series of recent events and continued support from family and close friends I’m proud to announce that a long time desire is finally coming to light…

img_0796Beginning September 1, 2018 the SM gallery will open a shop in the historic center of Vietri sul Mare. Working beside me will be my friend, Ania, who will serve as shop assistant manager when I am teaching or am with tour clients for my other business, Inspiration Trips.

SM gallery will be a bottega (artisan workshop) and small gallery to feature artwork from artists working in mediums other than ceramics (unless it’s our items from the bottega or reclaimed pieces from the beach). Vietri is well known for its ceramics tradition, however we wish to offer something a little different as we recognize there are many talented creatives in the area working in mediums other than ceramics.

I’ve often thought that an art gallery was something that was missing here in Vietri. The other famous Amalfi Coast villages such as Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi all have them, but not in Vietri as everyone here is showing their ceramic works. Apparently there hasn’t been an art gallery in the village for many years as I recently learned. Having acquired experience many years ago when working at the Savannah College of Art & Design, I still remember fondly that this was a job I really enjoyed and still feel a little regret from having walked away from it, though not too much as I realize I may not be here in Italy living out another dream as I am today.

Art shows at the SM gallery will run for approximately two months so there is always something new to see and will feature a variety of local, young, foreign, and/or student artists. Recalling my gallery days from SCAD I plan to organize two annual shows similar to what I managed long ago – in particularly one that features the works of students graduating from local art-focused high schools in a juried exhibition.

In the workspace we will also conduct small workshops and creative classes. A central theme to all of my efforts are to support creativity and encourage others to follow their passions, even if that means doing it on the side instead of as the center of your career.

Stay tuned for more information as our progress develops. There’s a lot of work to be done over the next month to prepare the space for a September 1st opening!